FSS Resume Editing

FSS resume approach has worked successfully across all levels - from students to CEOs, with trades people and professionals. We can assist people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. We do not use templates to create your resume. Each document is tailored to you and your job search needs.

Throughout our resume development process, we also provide feedback on your job search and career development decisions. With our experience we can offer new perspectives on how you present yourself at interview.

  • Peace Of Mind
    The goal of FSS is to make the resume and job application process easy, stress free, successful, and enjoyable.
  • Personal approach
    Ours is a personal service – not via cold, faceless email.  We spend time with you in-person or by phone, listening carefully to you talk about what makes you special. We want to know your skills, achievements and passions.

  • Advice and support
    FSS also provides you guidance on the job search process.

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