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Futuristic Staffing Solutions Inc.

Finding the right candidate for a position in your establishment can be a long and tricky process, requiring you to scan through many CV’s, carry out research on multiple candidates, interview multiple candidates, and make some tough decisions. Why not let employment experts take care of all this quickly and efficiently?

Futuristic Staffing Solutions Inc. (FSS) humbly offers employers our professional services to assist you in finding the very best candidates to join your workforce. We vet our job-seekers thoroughly, compiling their relevant experience, their qualifications, and their suitability to your open position so you only receive the best people for the job.

Our experts will take all of your requirements and preferences into account during the entire process, meaning we will only send the very best-suited candidates your way, making your decisions that much more simple to make.

It’s worth noting that FSS offers this specialist service at an extremely competitive finder’s fee of only 15%, the lowest one can find in the recruitment and employment industry. At this fair rate, you will save both time and manpower that would no doubt be better spent running and operating your business.

Don’t sacrifice your valuable time and resources with a long and sometimes fruitless recruitment process, instead seek the services of a well-established recruitment agency that will get you the candidate you need first-time.

FSS are a long-established recruitment agency dedicated to finding the best-suited professionals available for your positions. By allowing us to source your staff for you, you can expect to only receive candidates who would be a fantastic asset to your company.

Employers should get in touch with FSS today, we can take you through our process of how we bring you the employees you need in detail.

Give us a call at our Deland offices at: 1 647 784 8844 or at: 1 437 775 9060

You can also use our contact form to get in touch with us, or email us directly at [email protected] , we look forward to hearing from you.

Working with You

FSS People are easy to work with, they are highly responsive and flexible to help you achieve success.

Quality Focus

FSS People operate under the HIGH Quality standard to deliver consistently high levels of service.


FSS People comply with our certification to the safety standard, ensuring maximum safety outcomes.


FSS People successfully fulfil single placement and volume requirements for your general and specialist recruitment requests with high performance.


FSS People possess extensive experience supplying within corporate head offices, contact centre environments, office branch networks and industrial settings.


FSS People have an average tenure of 5.5 years at Bay, almost twice the industry average, with a number of staff possessing between 6 to 18 years and beyond.


FSS has access to the pool of talented workers. Our well established networks can connect you to broader talent pool.


FSS People offer competitive pricing based on research, analysis and, where possible, benchmarking.


FSS People develop enduring relationships. Over 65% of our top clients have worked with us for over 5 years.



Our aim is to become a part of your business and work with you to fulfil your contract and temporary staffing needs.

For further information and to discuss our workforce solutions please contact us via phone or email.



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